Creation #2

Creation 2

The first day of creation is also a Teaching about unity within. The unity between the spiritual and material selves. The need for unity within the Self, as well as balance and harmony. One of the conditions of the Material Plane is that everything has an opposite. Complete unity within the Self is reflected in harmonizing those opposites. Two of the most important aspects that require balance within are the Material Self and Spiritual Self and the male/female aspects of Self within and expressed externally. Yes, every male has female hormones within, just as every female has male hormones.
The benefits of learning to balance and harmonize your life are multiple. First, you have the physical benefits of living a relatively stress free life. Emotionally you are in control and this leads to accomplishments in every area of your life. On a social level it becomes easier to mix with people. People will seek you out because you radiate peace, which is seen as harmony. Spiritually you continue to evolve because achieving balance and harmony is a result of growth built upon introspection, understanding and application.
To speak in terms of good/bad would only be value judgments based on personal belief systems, which are based on the concepts that one maintains as the way life should be. The only true basis for living is whether or not an individual is in keeping with the Universal Laws of God expressed as the Universal Teachings. If you understand and apply the Universal Teachings as a way of living, then you become in balance and harmony. If, on the other hand, you are not living the Teachings, then you become out of balance and harmony. This is not to say that is good or bad; it is just to say that you are out of balance. Look around and see how out of balance mankind is. Ill health is a prime example. “What is within will manifest without” is a Universal Teaching.
When an individual is out of balance it is generally due to a lack of knowledge. They do not understand the truth of the matter that is occurring. If they understood the truth of what was going on within them, then they would be able to apply those understandings and that would help them stay in balance and harmony.
Each human being is motivated by subconscious concepts. Every concept creates particular patternistic forms of behavior which have very specific expectations. The expectation is designed to have a particular result to prove the concept valid. An example of a concept at work is the need for rejection. Taking that concept of rejection to its most extreme, individuals would seek to kill themselves, as in suicide, or kill others, because both of those are forms of rejection. One is based on Self-denial and the other is anger.
Examine your approach to life. Is it weighted to one side or the other, toward spirituality or materiality? I realize that both are essential. However the Teaching tells us that both must be in equal balance to achieve harmony within and without.
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