Creation #4

Going deeper into the first day of creation we see, from another level of being, that we are, in a sense, void and without form…“in the beginning.”
We are like a new computer hard drive. We have been formatted and are waiting for the software to be loaded. Once we begin to store information, we begin to take on a personality. We begin to take on a shape, a form. That form is your character.
The “face of the deep” is about image. The face of anything is the image presented to others. At this point in your life, the face you are presenting is based upon concepts within your subconscious mind. Your concepts dictate the ideas, standards and guides that you draw upon to create your belief system. You are a reflection of your belief system which facilitates you being the person you THINK you should be. As insights lead to understandings and you begin to manifest the God Self within, that energy begins to move across your image within the subconscious mind, and in doing so you create a new image; one based on Universal Teachings. The infinite Spiritual Self that is within you is void and without form in the material plane. The first day you wake up, when you start becoming more aware of the hidden truths, you begin to divide the light from the darkness. That is always the first step towards the Enlightened Self, the Christ level of consciousness.
In the beginning come the insights, and with examination, then understandings. These lead to applications and, ultimately, control of the Emotional Self and your conscious reality so that in the end you are in a state of continual conscious control of the creation process of your personal reality. Then you can create whatever it is that you want or desire.
Next, we will learn from the second day of creation.

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