Creation #6

In our last communication we shared the understandings of the aspects of the creation of our world, the material plane. What we are living today is the result of our thinking, the toxins, hate, war, greed and the other negative aspects of humanity are all reflections of our lack of Divine Love.
Thought is not a material manifestation at the beginning, as much as it is a spiritual activity. It is an activity without substance but loaded with essence. Even though it has no physical substance, essence does create substance.
When we look at that from another perspective, we see that the atoms that make up water (H2O) — two atoms of hydrogen to one atom of oxygen — are both gases. These gases exist in the air as separate energies. The air, heaven, is full of atoms of every type, including the atoms that make up soil. Atoms also make our bodies and our food.
Considered, from a symbolic numerical perspective, 1 is unity and 2 is duality. So, we see that the second day of creation tells us that we live in a world of total duality. A world of opposites.
The heaven is symbolic of Spirit, and the waters are symbolic of the material. As we progress further, we will see that the waters themselves will be divided again on the third day of creation.
It is also important to realize and look at the sequence of how days are formed within the context of the Bible. After a day is completed, the next one begins with: “And the evening and the morning were the second day.” It is the evening that begins the day. However, we do not think of it that way. We think of the evening as the end of the day.
In reality, when we look at life, we know that every ending is yet a beginning, just as every beginning will take us to an end.
Evening is the beginning of a new day, a new cycle, and is in keeping with a Universal Teaching. The Teaching centers on the idea that every undertaking should be prepared for. Here is the Teaching as taught by Confucius: “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.”
The nighttime, when we sleep and dream, is the preparatory time for the actions of the following day. Dreams help prepare you for what lies ahead. They do so by analyzing the events of the day, the patterns stimulated, and the expectations of completing that pattern. When you can see the energies at work, you have the ability to control the outcome of the pattern of behavior.
If you are not recording and analyzing your dreams, start now. If you are having trouble remembering your dreams, before you go to sleep tell your mind that in the morning you will recall your dream when you brush your teeth, or drink your morning beverage. Something you do every morning so that it becomes a triggering device for recall.

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