Creation #7

Symbology of 3
Before we get into the third day, it is important that we know what the number 3 means in symbolic terms. Three is the number of understanding—total and complete understanding. Obviously, that is the positive interpretation. The negative is a lack of understanding. Three is the number of understanding because it is composed of 1 (unity) and 2 (duality, and balance and harmony). When there is unity in the duality of things, there is understanding. This is so because all of the influences, the forces, are seen, identified, understood, and controlled. That is understanding in action.
The days of creation from the Bible present a way to formulate our understanding of the basics about the material plane of existence. The very first day God created heaven and earth; this is the understanding of the blending of the spiritual and material. Everything created is composed of both a spiritual and a material aspect. Those are the two that become one and create a unity, a total understanding, because there is balance and harmony within the self. 
There is no reason for anyone to be poor or to lack in anything he or she wants in life. There shouldn’t be a lack. Anytime there is a lack, it is due to a lack of understanding about certain aspects of the self. Once this understanding is achieved, then, obviously, that lack disappears and will be replaced with abundance, because there is a new level of understanding, a new energy, and a new vibration.
Everything must come back to the Spiritual Self. The total source of personal power that creates the reality of a person is the unity within the Spiritual Self.
Understand that you are in control of your own reality and your creation. Even though it may appear that you are a victim or have no control in a situation, this is because you have created the situation and engineered it to appear so. The truth is that you are always in control of everything that happens to you. There is a Universal Teaching that drives this understanding home: “Ask, and it shall be given you.” (KJV, Matt. 7:7).
Know what you are asking for!
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