Creation #8

Our Material Lives
Let’s continue examining what else is being taught in these verses.
9. “And God said, Let the waters under the Heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.”
The “waters under the heaven” would be your material endeavors, your material existence. If you gather things “unto one place,” get focused on one endeavor, one understanding, one perception, and one path with clarity, “dry land” will appear. What is “dry land”? If you look back at the waters that represent the total consciousness of material reality, then the dry land, from another point of view, must represent those aspects where thoughts can take root and develop within the material realm. So, the dry land is a part of the material plane; however, the teaching refers more to the fertile aspects of your own consciousness, your mind.
People become so immersed in gathering possessions on the material plane because they are constantly striving to fill an emptiness within. They try to fill this void with material acquisitions, such as gold, silver, cash, cars, homes, and so on. Granted, a majority of these things are necessary, but the level of necessity is relevant to the level of self-acceptance. The more self-acceptance you have, the less you need to prove to the world that you are somebody. Therefore, accumulating material goods is not necessary to validate the self.
Conversely, acquiring material goods can be a statement of your personal power. Yet if it comes to the point that material possessions control you, then you’ve lost the understanding necessary to be in control of the self and the material plane.
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