Foundational Thinking #3

In the previous writings we see that thoughts co-create our reality. With that in mind, we have to trace back where the thoughts originate. On one level all thoughts come from the main Source, God.

I may have stated in this category, or others for sure, that we receive our directives from God through our spiritual self. The problem arises when we go to implement those directives. Why, you may ask, is there a problem? Because before there can be a physical manifestation of the directive, those thoughts go through the emotional self.

Your emotional self has a completely different agenda than your spiritual self. That agenda is to maintain acceptance from mom. Herein lies a major point to be understood, worked with and eventually mastered.

It is through mom that each of us enters into the material plane, this plane of existence. At the same time each of us wants to “go home” to the spiritual plane. We believe in our deepest subconscious mind that the only way back to the peace and tranquility of the spiritual dimension or plane is through mom.

Every person seeks this acceptance. They do it through one of two modes of being. One child will choose approval as his/her form of acceptance. Another child may choose rejection as his/her form of acceptance.

Now we realize that on some levels that does not make a lot of sense. However, the truth is that the child using rejection as a form of acceptance learned that from its mother. How, you may ask?

Here are some examples that would create the mode of being that type of energy. One, the mother may not have wanted to be pregnant at the time. That could have been because of uncertainty of the relationship.

Another consideration may have been that the pregnancy would have interfered with the mother’s career considerations and lifestyle. Another possibility may have been that the pregnancy was very difficult, and therefore created resentment about being pregnant.

A fourth possible cause may have been that the mother had a child that was now, maybe, 15 months old, as an example, and felt overwhelmed by having another child so soon. A fifth possibility is that when the mother became pregnant and her body changed, her husband no longer found her attractive. He then may have gone elsewhere on multiple levels.

This rejection by the husband created the energy of rejection that the child experienced and felt. This, in turn, left the impression that rejection was its form of comfort and love. Remember, generally speaking, the environment in which the child is developing is peaceful and tranquil, in spite of mom’s feelings. Now that child constantly seeks rejection from everyone. Seek to understand your mode of acceptance.

Look at what is written in the category of Self Knowledge #1.

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