Foundational Thinking #5

In this particular segment we will examine the roles of the sexes. We will begin with looking at the role of the female. Women will experience different roles. Of course there are some roles, some forms of expression, that some will not experience for various reasons.

All women begin as daughters. Some may be sister to another female, or to a male. They also may be a niece, a cousin. As life goes on they may end up becoming an aunt, a sister-in-law, a girlfriend, and eventually a wife. This may lead to motherhood and the cycle of life repeats.

Each one of these roles has concepts associated with it that will determine and influence the woman’s actions and reactions in all matters.

As for males the same scenario applies. Men will start out as sons, they may even be a brother to another male or a female. In addition to being a son or brother, they may also become a nephew, a cousin, and possibly, as life goes on, an uncle. With life moving forward they also may become a boyfriend, and eventually a husband. This could lead to fatherhood, and so the cycle repeats.

Keep in mind that these roles are also present, in some way based on concepts, in people’s work or expression. Everything we do as a human being is influenced by the concepts we maintain in our subconscious mind.

One of the things that occurs in life that is we create patterns of behavior. These forms and acts of behavior are designed specifically to validate the concept we maintain as being true. This, in some instances, is very unfortunate because it works against the soul developing its spiritual gifts and moving forward in life.

Every pattern of behavior has a beginning and end. This is in keeping with the Universal Teaching that “every end is a beginning.”

The end is an expectation that must be fulfilled. For fulfilling the expectation validates the concept as true. This is a fundamental reason why man’s history continually repeats itself. It is also why your personal history repeats itself.” Here is the Universal Teaching on patterns of behavior and the cycles they flow in. “That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been…” This Teaching can be found in Ecclesiastics 3:15 of the KJV.

The way to get the pattern of behavior under control is by developing “eyes to see, ears to hear,” reading symbols. The reason being that your mind will tell you where in the flow of a pattern of behavior you are. By understanding that, and the nature of the pattern, as well as the predictable outcome, gives you an opportunity to change the outcome. The Dream Symbology Dictionary will give you foundational symbolic interpretations on many things.

Thus, instead of your history repeating itself and you living continually in a horizontal cyclic pattern, you will have an opportunity to change the flow and direction of the cycles. You cannot stop cycles from occurring because they are an immutable law of God. However, you can change its direction and the outcome of the pattern.

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