Foundational Thinking #6

In our last post we wrote about patterns of behavior. Some are good, and they work for you. Some are not so good for you, and they work, too. In most ‘not so good’ scenarios, those people were taught that rejection was a form of love. So, rejection feeds them. This too can be understood and mastered to the degree that the person has come closer to balance and harmony in their life.

The purpose of life is to eliminate the man-made teachings from our soul so that we may once again be completely reunited with the God Force. This is accomplished by knowing the Spiritual Self.

The essence of Foundational Thinking is in going within and understanding your subconscious concepts, your mode of acceptance, your patterns of behavior, and understanding the flow of the cycles that your patterns flow in.

With understanding and the ability to read symbols, you can gain control over your patternistic responses to the things that stimulate your concepts, your patterns.

If you do not know what stimulates you then you are at the mercy of your subconscious mind. And that aspect of your self is driven by your ego, your Emotional Self.

Seek to understand what drives you.

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