Insight #2

In our last posting we touched on karma and reincarnation. For some, the accepting of karma is not difficult. However, accepting the concept of re-incarnation, that’s another subject altogether.
Karma is in the Bible, in Ecclesiastics 3:15, where it says “… and God requires that which is past.” Many people think of karma as either being good or bad. Neither is correct.
Karma simply seeks to balance the scales, restore balance and harmony to your soul/spirit. For example, whatever a person may have done to someone in the past, in this life, or any lives before it, whatever hurt, pain, both physical and/or emotional that they may have inflicted on another are energies that need to be “paid” back, to balance the soul/spirit.
“Good” karma is a reflection of having Self in a good place, both spiritually and emotionally. This also could reflect that good works the person is doing are helping to balance the person’s karma.
The concept of reincarnation goes back thousands of years. It is firmly entrenched in many Asian cultures such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism as prime examples.
There are many people who think, feel and say this is their last incarnation. However, if they cannot perform at least one of the things that Jesus did, then they have not understood or mastered material life. They still have a long way to go in spite of what their belief, based on ego, is telling them. To be finished in this domain, one would be able to control the “lines of power” that are a part of everything. They would be able to walk on water, symbolic of being above the material plane.
It is through the ‘lines’ that our emotions flow. It is through the emotions that the Children of Darkness influence our thinking. It is through uncontrolled emotions that all the negative experiences happen. Here is a Teaching about the emotions. “For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.” (Matthew 12:34)
Emotions kill. The energy of emotional turmoil, especially anger, has negative affects upon the body. When it is internalized and NOT voiced, it will eat at the person, just like cancer. It will eat you up alive.
As for reincarnation, it is considered unnecessary by the church. In the early followers of Jesus, who were basically the Essenes and Gnostics, it was still considered a part of the life cycle. As the church grew, man began altering the Teachings of Jesus, eliminated from the Bible any mention of reincarnation and removed all references to the Essenes and Gnostics.
The Essenes were the people who lived and worked in both the cities and in the desert, where they studied the scriptures. The Essene movement was created to raise the consciousness of humanity so that an elevated and exalted soul could manifest. In doing so, that soul would be trained and taught everything it needed to understand to master material reality. That soul was Jesus.

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