Insight #4

We left off starting a dialog about reincarnation. We realize that most organized religions, except Unity Churches, reject the concept of reincarnation. The reason was simply stated in #3 by a famous TV preacher.

We went online and found the following information. We thought it was valuable enough to incorporate it into these communications on reincarnation. In addition to their comments, we have added our own for clarity sake, and to demonstrate the reality of reincarnation and why it is necessary.

Ten Refutations of Reincarnation

Christianity rejects reincarnation for ten reasons:

1. It is contradicted by Scripture (Hebrews 9:27). This contradiction was added many years after the death of Jesus. It is essential to getting people to believe that ONLY through Jesus will they live. And in heaven.

2. It is contradicted by orthodox tradition in all churches. This is done to keep people believing in the Church and its dogma. The church has made man obedient to its teachings and disavows everything not in keeping with its dictates.

3. It would reduce the Incarnation (referring to Christ’s incarnation) to a mere appearance, the crucifixion to an accident, and Christ to one among many philosophers or avatars. It would also confuse what Christ did with what creatures do: incarnation with reincarnation.

It appears that the authors of these statements feel that animals, but not people, reincarnate. However, let us look at the statements one by one. The first is the statement “a mere appearance.” In order for the church to teach a false dogma, then everything it says has to conform to the dogma they want to present. It must be iron clad and fool proof, at least in any way it can be challenged.

The soul that was Jesus, from a reincarnation point of view, earned the right to be the one to manifest the powers of God in the material plane. Remember, he was educated as an Essene. The only purpose for the Essene movement was to elevate consciousness so that man would have a living example of what could be accomplished when a soul finally masters itself and rids itself of the man-made teachings that have infected his soul.

The second point brought up is the statement: “the crucifixion to an accident.” This is far from true. The crucifixion is a symbolic lesson to man, which we will cover much later. Another statement was “and Christ, (this should actually say Jesus who attained Christ consciousness,) to one among many philosophers or avatars.” There is the truth before Paul turned the Teachings of Jesus, the Universal Teachings, into something else. It was Paul who created what is today known as Christianity. The last statement was “It would also confuse what Christ did with what creatures do: incarnation with reincarnation.”

4. It implies that God made a mistake in designing our souls to live in bodies, that we are really pure spirits in prison or angels in costume.

We are more like souls who became so enamored with our abilities in the material plane that we lost our way and are stuck here because we forgot how to go home.

Please read in Creation the story of Adam and Eve and what they represent symbolically.

In our next discussion, we will finish with the “reasons” reincarnation is rejected by organized religion.

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