Insight #7

In this writing we will look at #9 and finally #10 of the reasons the church denies reincarnation. This is a long piece, however we want to move on and lay the reincarnation debate to rest.

9. The supposed evidence for reincarnation, remembering from past lives that come out under hypnosis or “past life regression” can be explained—if they truly occur at all—as mental telepathy from other living beings, from the souls of dead humans in purgatory or hell, or from demons. The real possibility of the latter should make us extremely skittish about opening our souls to “past life regressions.”

We say: All of the above was written by one of the authors on the site we copied from. They are NOT our words or thoughts. In fact we find the normal “do not go there” that we find in church doctrines. It appears the church does not want anyone to think of other possibilities to living than the one they present.

If you are truly committed to being a part of the solution, a part of the Light, a Child of the Light, then you must seek elsewhere to find truth. Of course, the best place is to look within. Don’t be afraid to go within and disagree with the church. NO, you are not going to go to hell for questioning. The problem is when you stop.

Here are Teachings about that: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” Confucius. “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates. “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” Plato

This next piece, #10, the last reason that reincarnation is not true is rather lengthy. The author went on and included something from St. Augustine, which I am not including, so we can move on.

In #10 we will interject our thoughts, for continuity, as they are appropriate.

10. Reincarnation cannot account for itself. Why are our souls imprisoned in bodies?

We say: Not imprisoned. The body is a vehicle we chose to operate in the material plane, until we master it.

Is it the just punishment for evils we committed in past reincarnations?

We say: For some yes, until the lesson is learned. Then the soul can move forward in understanding.

But why were those past reincarnations necessary? For the same reason. But the beginning of the process that justly imprisoned our souls in bodies in the first place—this must have antedated the series of bodies.

We say: Yes. However, we would ask you to look at it from another perspective. See a soul entering into a dimension where it had ultimate control. It could materialize whatever it wanted, or needed. It became enamored in Its ability to manipulate that reality, that energy, it decided to try out. To stay and manipulate the lines of energy from within. Others heard of their adventure and they too decided to enter in. More came, word spread fast of what could be done and so many entered in.

They realized that there was a drawback. It could not live in the dimension forever. So they created a way to manufacture vehicles for maneuvering in the dimension. Of course they were limited by a physical life span, but that was OK, because they knew they would be returning in another vehicle until they figured out how to get free of the place.

We are those adventurers, and we are still stuck here. It says in the Bible that Jesus rose from the dead. (Matthew 28:7). He did say “many will come…” He demonstrated that if you master your Self you too can get free. He demonstrated what he taught, the Universal Teachings.

How could we have committed evil in the state of perfect, pure, heavenly spirituality?

We say: It’s not evil, it’s the opposite of good. Everything in material reality has an opposite: light/dark, up/down, in/out, love/hate, right/left, good and evil, all to maintain balance and harmony. The evil as it is seen are people trying to fulfill a need.

Further, if we sinned in that paradise, it is not paradisiacal after all. Yet that is the state that reincarnation is supposed to lead us back to after all our embodied yearnings are over.

We say: NOT our “embodied yearnings are over,” that’s very materialistic. Each life cycle is an opportunity to cleanse from the soul/spirit the concepts, standard, ideals, values, of man and replace them with God’s Laws, the Universal Teachings.

The Teaching is listed at the end of #6.

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