Love #4

In the last communication we posed some questions to be asked. To be clear, if you are truly seeking peace, joy, love, happiness, etc., you MUST apply the information you are gathering in your life.
To have an intellectual understanding, like so many others, does not mean a thing unless you apply it. Here is what is taught about that from Confucius “Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is powerless.” Before him, Lao Tzu said: “He who knows much about others may be learned, but he who understands himself is more intelligent.”
All one needs to do is look at the world. We have these great understandings about many things and yet we are in trouble on many fronts, with little hope of change and improvement in sight. One of the reasons for this is man’s true emptiness which he seeks to fill with material objects displayed as wealth and power over others.
Some seek to fill the emptiness with food, drugs, sex and…(you fill in the blank).
Since love is an energy, a vibration, it can go from one end of the spectrum to the other. Love can turn to hate. There are many causes for this. They can, and often do, start out as something small, something little and inconsequential. It could be a look, a statement, a lack of attention, a betrayal. There are countless reasons why a person’s feelings can change toward another.
If you are experiencing any form of dislike, disharmony or disunity with your partner, now is the best time to examine and question it. Why? Is there a particular pattern at work that bothers you? Why does it bother you? In what way have you been hurt enough, or disappointed enough, to begin to turn away?
In all matters between you and your partner, both of you are 100% responsible for what is taking place. This is in keeping with the Doctrine of Personal Responsibility.
The Doctrine of Personal Responsibility is based on the understanding that everything that takes place in your life is the result of your co-creation. You participated in creating it because it fulfills a concept in your subconscious mind.
You create specific patterns of behavior with a drive to achieve a particular result. The result is generated through the energy of expectation.
You are always seeking to fulfill expectations because they continually validate your subconscious concepts, such as being who you think you are supposed to be and what you think your life should be. You alone are creating the life you are living.

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