Love #5

Your life is a reflection of the subconscious concepts you maintain. These concepts that you have accepted as true and necessary are designed to provide you with a mode of acceptance. The acceptance is from your mother. The reason being is it is through her, the birth canal, that you entered into the material plane, physical reality.
Each of us is a spiritual being in a material body. Each of us, at a deep subconscious level, wants to go ‘home’ because we know this world we live in is insane. We believe that as long as we have mom’s acceptance we are guaranteed a way back to the spiritual plane, a place of peace and tranquility.
Acceptance from mom comes in two forms as we have discussed previously, one of which you are currently manifesting. The two forms of acceptance are ‘approval’ and the other is ‘rejection.’ In our last posting we asked you to discover your mode. Through the process of understanding it, you have the opportunity to change it.
Either of these modalities is based on many factors, such as your mother wanting or not wanting to be pregnant. Another could be an easy or difficult pregnancy.
As you can see by the doctrine, ultimately you are 100% responsible for everything that unfolds in your life. Even when someone else is involved, they, too, are 100% responsible because nothing happens by itself.
Whatever thought you have, whatever thinking is stimulated by that thought, whatever action is taken based on that, it stems from you. You are the Creator.
It doesn’t matter if someone triggers you into any type of emotional reaction, such as anger or resentment. You are responsible from two perspectives. The first is your reaction. This must be controlled. The second is to ask yourself ‘why did I draw that to me?’
Here is one more reason why you must learn to read symbols and develop eyes to see and ears to hear. When someone says something to you or makes a facial gesture, you know instantaneously that it has the potential to create a disturbance within you on some level.
Know that you will ultimately be responsible for the way it unfolds. So, no matter what takes place, ultimately you are responsible.
One of the benefits of the Doctrine of Personal Responsibility is that when it becomes a habit, you become a living example of that discipline. You become a disciple unto the concept of personal responsibility. When you do that, you become a spiritual teacher. You become a living example of what it means to be a responsible human being and exemplify the Doctrine of Personal Responsibility.
Here are your personal doctrine understandings: I am responsible for everything that happens to me. I created the situation to bring about the result. I set in motion those situations, events, thoughts that would culminate in a particular way to create the particular event. I am constantly co-creating my reality to validate my subconscious concepts of who I think I should be.
I know that I am co-creating my reality with the Creative Continuum called God.

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