Material Mastery #2

We will begin with the essential foundation for mastery of the Self: Understanding.
We all believe we understand many things, and we do. Some think they know everything, and they act and speak that way. Some believe that they understand themselves. For whatever aspects they do understand, that is fantastic. However, there is a trap in adopting that attitude. The danger is that the person stops seeking within. When that happens, the enormous amount of wealth within is never employed in growing a person to their greatest potential.
Even within the concept of understanding, there are very distinct levels. For instance, there are the basic understandings that affect life, such as the understanding that you require food, water and air to exist.
Understandings are essential to successful living on emotional, social, physical/material and, especially, spiritual levels. Developing the depth of your own understandings of self and discovering new ones will lead to mastery of your life in greater degrees than you are experiencing now.
A fundamental understanding is of how reality itself is created. This is an essential aspect of the creation process. As you know, atoms are the fundamental building blocks of material reality. Atoms with either a positive or a negative charge, bind together, based on attraction, to create molecules that grow and become the substance of every type and description of a physical entity that you can think of, including human beings.
Another amazing fundamental understanding is that the brain is an electromagnetic generator; in fact, there is a patent for a device for measuring brain and heart electromagnetic waves. Most people are unaware of this attribute of the mind/brain combination. This is an incredible piece of information to help develop a better understanding of how you are co-creating your reality and how the Teaching of “Ask and you shall receive” works. The catch is that you must be in control of your subconscious desires and “askings” to have true control over your manifestations.
Your current personal reality is the result of that electromagnetic energy drawing to you those atoms and molecules that are manifesting as a person and/or an event. On the same note, you may be repelling energetic combinations manifesting as a person or thing, such as success or money. The questions to ask are: “What am I attracting?” and “What am I keeping away from me?”
Remember, reality is created from the inside out. What you are attracting is before you. The Teaching that addresses this is “Know what is in thy sight and what is hidden from thee will be revealed to thee. For there is nothing hidden which will not be made manifest.” This is the fifth Teaching/saying in the Gospel According to Thomas.
I choose the words “keeping away” because they imply more than repelling. There are some energy manifestations that you want in your life, yet do not have. One such example may be having a companion. Through particular habits you may have developed as a safety mechanism, which are socially unacceptable, you may repel people from getting close. Through the process of understanding, you can attract or keep away specific energies.
You will find a more thorough examination of the gift of understanding in the book “The 12 Disciplines and Spiritual Gifts”.

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