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Physical Health #2

In our first posting on health we looked at diet and why some get sick and others, in the same environment, don’t. Everything depends on faith in self manifesting as courage and confidence. In this communique, we are going to examine the symbology of the common cold.
Here’s that symbology. Most colds come with a stuffy nose, congestion, sore throat and a fever.
The Stuffy Nose. Air—oxygen—is essential for everyone. Through the nose, the respiratory system feeds the blood with fresh, live oxygen and all of the “hidden” foods that are part of the air. This does two things. Reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Oxygen/air is symbolic of Spirit, because God lives in heaven. When the nose is stuffed very little Spirit is nourishing the mind, thus the fear and doubt creeps in and the stage is set.
Watery Eyes. Why do the eyes water during a cold or flu? The standard perception is that it is because the eyes are irritated from the bacteria, etc. The more germane question here centers around the symbology of the eyes. Whatever is going on is not being seen clearly. The emotions are distorting perception. Some emotional reactions are out of deep emotional places within the subconscious.
Low-grade Fever. What is the symbology of this common symptom of a cold and flu? Again, the question becomes what fever represents symbolically. Very simply, it is anger. After all, a fever is synonymous with an elevated body temperature. What is it in life that “burns you up”?
As much as anger at other people, the fever may stem from a situation that first causes you fear and then anger at self because you feel fear.
Congestion. Another aspect of a cold and flu is congestion. Regardless of the source, congestion is symbolic of an internal attack on your ability to cope with a situation that requires self-confidence at a spiritual level. The above are excerpts from the Disease Symbology Handbook.
Sore Throat. The throat has two main functions: it facilitates speech, and swallows food and drink to feed the body. So, when there is a sore throat there are several things that may be taking place. As for the speech aspect, the person may not feel permitted to “talk back”, or respond. Additionally, they may feel any one of these thoughts: not have the right, the authority, the knowledge, the whatever to do the assignment, task, presentation, etc. Therefore, their doubt created a situation where they cannot speak, or it is uncomfortable and painful to do so.
The swallowing aspect begins with questioning the symptom from the symbolic perspective. This is a very simple question: “What is going on that is hard to swallow?”
The next time someone you know, including self, gets sick with a cold or flu, you will know what is going on and where to look.

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