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Physical Health #5

The next step in getting healthy, after changing the diet and thoughts, is to do a detoxification and cleansing program. Here’s why. Everything you eat and drink is going to serve one of two essential functions in the body. It will be used for building material and fuel.
We covered the building material in the previous Health writings. Now we examine the why’s of detoxifying your body. As we said earlier, everything you eat and drink will be for building and fueling. In the building process, whatever is in your blood stream, your body will be able to use it as building material. The building will be of new cells and proteins and enzymes. Proteins and enzymes run your body.
In the new cell building, your body will use whatever is in the blood stream as building material, including toxins. Why? Because your body is Divine, God’s creation, it has the ability to use whatever is presented to it. This holds true for every aspect of life. Whether or not you see that way to use something for growth depends on the concepts at work in your life.
In cell building even toxins can be used by the body as building material, and that is where rapid aging and disease foundations are laid, because of the diet and lifestyle.
As toxins are floating in your blood stream and the body is in the state of mitosis, making new cells, it will pull whatever is available from the blood stream. This results in toxins being incorporated into new cells. One of three things is going to happen. The cells with toxic material will be damaged. The DNA, the blueprint of the cell, will be corrupted. This means that the cell will not look right, and not be able to perform its role correctly. The beginnings of breakdown.

The two other things that can happen are, the toxin enters into a gene within the cell and disrupts that gene from manufacturing the protein that hunts down and destroys tumors. You are now tumor prone. The other thing that can happen is that a toxin creates a situation where the cell begins to rapidly multiply uncontrollably, that is called cancer. Where cancer strikes the body tells you of where the emotional conflict resides, what the essence of the issue is.
Now you can see why a clean organic diet is essential for good health. Start today and change out the junk food with a suitable healthy replacement. Nourish your body, and mind, back to the basics of good health. Avoid, as much as possible, fast, frozen and junk foods loaded with chemicals.

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