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Physical Health #6

In this writing we are going to look at the symbology of the detoxing and cleansing process. Before we do, we will first follow the process of how the body works.
Whatever you eat is digested in the stomach. The material is broken down into minute particles. It then enters the intestinal tract where the nutrients, and toxins are taken into the blood stream for distribution to the cells. As the blood flows by, each cell takes within it what it needs at that very moment.
If the cell is in the beginning stages of dividing it may bring in amounts of nutrients mixed with toxins. Everything it just brought into the process will be used to the maximum. What is not used will be recycled back into the blood stream.
Toxins in the blood stream will pass through the liver. There, as many toxins that can be processed, will be. The caveat is the functionality of the person’s liver. If the person’s diet consists of fried foods, saturated, trans or hydrogenated fats, then the liver is NOT functioning at optimal levels. Therefore, toxins are going to get by more freely and cause more damage.
What the liver can capture, it will do four things with it. It will first seek to render the toxin harmless so that they can be passed from the body as a liquid, gas or solid. What cannot be rendered harmless will be encased within fat.
Looking at the entire process from a symbolic point of view, we see the toxins representing false teachings, thoughts, ideals, beliefs and standards. These corrupt the soul/spirit from moving forward.
The role of the liver is, on one level, designed to protect you from thoughts that could corrupt your mind/body. Keep in mind, your body is a reflection of your concepts at work. This is based on the Teaching “that which is within will manifest without.”
As for the blood, it is symbolic of Spirit, another term for God, in our lives. It does so by bringing in oxygen, symbolic of Spirit. This is because God dwells in heaven which is the sky. Spirit exists within all living things. That is why the Bible tells us to remove the blood before eating any animal, “only ye shall not eat the blood.” (Deuteronomy 12:16 KJV) The other reason for following this Teaching is because the blood stream is also the pathway for eliminating waste from biological transactions. It is loaded with toxins from our own bodily processes and well as the animal someone may eat, somewhat raw, still a little juicy.
What you take in food wise is symbolic of the thoughts you are willing to accept and incorporate into your daily living. Now is the time to question your diet, what you are eating and drinking. At the same time look at what you are reading, watching and listening to, this includes family and friends. KNOW what you are consuming on every level. Start making lists. See what you can replace with a healthy substitute.

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