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Physical Health #7

Accidents, they never happen.

For many the above statement will stimulate an immediate, “you are wrong” response. To that we say, “you have forgotten that you are co-creating your reality based on your emotional needs.” The Teaching is “ask and you shall receive.”

Every occurrence in life is constructed to provide guidance to those involved. Even when the situation created is horrendous, it still provides an opportunity for an understanding.

Of course, when Mother Nature strikes, like floods and fire, the message is not so much for an individual as much as it is a statement for society as a whole. Consider the symbology of each element. Fire is symbolic of emotions. When emotions get out of control they can wreck havoc. Water is symbolic of our material life; without it we die. Flooding indicates we are overly concerned and involved with our material existence. Too much so.

There are Universal Teachings that warn us of this. One is: “Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. This too is meaningless.” This Teaching can be found in Ecclesiastes 5:10. Another instruction states, “He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.” These words were spoken by Socrates over 2000 years ago. We are still in the pursuit of wealth.

Many people are driven to accomplish this. The end result is, they are still not happy. There is only one way to fill the emptiness inside, self knowledge based on understanding. Once that is achieved, ones realizes that there is no emptiness within.

In this communication we will start looking at ‘physical events’ that can happen to a person. Most will call these events accidents, even though they are not. The first thing that we will examine is stubbing a toe.

You could be walking anywhere and all of a sudden you stub your toe. Now under everyday living and thinking you would not give that event another thought. However, as a Certified Symbologist, you would stop and begin questioning in your mind “where am I going?” “What am I involved with?” “What could trip me up?” “Is this the right direction?”

All of these thoughts center around ‘direction’ and maintaining balance and stability in that direction. You see, symbolically the feet represent direction, because you point them in the direction you want to go and they take you there. The toes represent balance. There are ten (10) of them, just like your ten fingers. Ten represents the ability to handle things (fingers), and to maintain balance and harmony (toes).

Any issues occurring with the feet indicate an issue with the direction a person is heading in.


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