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Physical Health #8

Common physical issues

In our last posting we discussed the symbology of ‘stubbing your toe(s)’.  here are other symbols, health conditions, that your mind will use to alert you to doubt at work. ALL physical issues are a form of doubt in the sense that they are representatives of emotional conflict within. Keep in mind that your mind operates your brain. Your brain in-turn carries out the mind’s directives. Some are the result of conscious decisions, others are automatic, like breathing.

Moving up the body we come to the ankles. Here we usually see sprains. A sprained ankle also relates to direction. Your ankles represent your ability to be flexible in your direction. A sprain would indicate an element of doubt is at work. Examine where you are headed, and why. What is there? Is it something to embrace or something to avoid?

When there is doubt in situations relating to support, your mind will also use leg muscle cramps. Sore legs can also relate to material support. After all, your legs support your body. They allow you to stand tall and deal with the situation head on, at eye level.

Issues with the knees are another indication of concerns about support. In this case it is a matter of being flexible and agile in situations. Your knees allow for bending, sometimes essential for accomplishing your goals. When they become inflexible due to inflammation, or arthritis, they prevent agile, pain-free movement.

Pains in the hip joints also indicate doubt at work in both support and direction. The support aspect relates to the fact that your leg bones interact with your hip joints. The hip joints allow for sideways movement. They provide the ability to turn the body without altering one’s stance. The stance may be providing balance and stability.

If you, or someone you know is experiencing ANY of the above issues, then have them look within to see where the doubt is coming form. Look to see and understand the concepts within that are the cause. Once understood, the pain will disappear.

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