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Physical Health #9

Aches and pains.

In this segment we will examine backaches. We always associate these with material support issues.

Your back indicates strength. You have heard the expression that a person may, or may not, have a backbone. Of course they do. The saying refers to courage. Courage, and its manifestation of confidence, are based on subconscious concepts relating to support – the ability to support self in any given situation, no matter what.

Often backaches are created by depleting the system of adequate amounts of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. Their requirements in the body are many. Not bringing in enough will create a shortage and NOT ALL systems will get what they need.

Remember, the mind controls the brain and the brain operates the body. Thus every disharmony is the work of the mind. In this case it may do a few different things.

Your diet, an emotional choice, may, at times, not ingest enough minerals. This in turn begins the process of setting the stage for a backache, leg cramps and, over an extended period of time, brittle bones, a/k/a osteoporosis.

Each mineral has its own symbolic significance. Calcium represents strength. Magnesium represents inspiration. One needs strength to use the inspiration to accomplish goals. A lack of minerals is a lack of strength, courage and confidence – the backache.

Moving up the body, another set of common ailments relate to the stomach. There are a few things that will occur here. The first is usually an upset stomach. This could manifest as gastritis or vomiting. In both instances the stomach is irritated on one level and rejecting what is in it on another.

Gastritis can also cause vomiting. It is the result of acid foods, like tomatoes and citrus based items, as well as coffee, irritating the lining of the stomach. The easy solution is to eliminate these foods from the diet. And examine the thoughts you are entertaining that are being presented to you. Some of them will go beyond the irritation point and cause you to vomit.

Vomiting is your way of getting those thoughts that are totally disagreeable and unhealthy out of your system. You will eat a food that will create that scenario for you. In this way your mind is helping you to see and understand that which works against you.

Don’t be fooled into thinking “I just ate something bad.” You choose to order or make it and eat it. Your choices. Your reactions. All done to guide you, as uncomfortable as it is.

The next time you have an episode, question everything that is going on in your life, personally and professionally. You will learn much. Remember everything happens for a reason.

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