The Gospel According to Thomas – A Symbolic Interpretation

The Gospel According to Thomas by Michael Schwartz
The Spirit
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This book is an examination of the Sayings/Teachings of Jesus as expressed in the Gospel According to Thomas, found in the Nag Hammadi in Egypt. The scrolls are considered authentic and this one appears to have been written while Jesus was alive whereas the New Testament Gospels were written decades after his death. In fact, many biblical scholars think these Teachings/Sayings are the foundation of those echoed in the gospels of the New Testament. These 114 Teachings, when applied to living, lead to a spiritual and masterful life. Mastery is the result of emotional control based on understandings and insights achieved through the application of the Teachings presented. The Universal Teachings are based on the immutable laws of God and therefore are applicable to every man regardless of their religious perspective or conviction.