Self Knowledge #6

In the previous writing we asked you to think on the second Teaching in the Gospel According to Thomas. We also requested that you begin the process of understanding the roles you manifest based on your gender.
Whatever answers, insights and understandings you acquired, use those as stepping stones to go deeper. Whatever answers your mind gave you are the first and superficial ones. You must go deeper yet. Consider the fact that the mind can rationalize and justify every action you take. Do not let your ego, your Emotional Self, trick you into thinking you have the answers. Keep digging.
Now let us examine the Teaching. Here is what it means. In this Teaching, the bottom line is you must seek within yourself to understand the truth of who you are. You need to understand your personal belief system. As people, you need to understand the concepts that you have been taught and that you use to build your egos. The concepts that have built your life into what it is today.
When a person starts seeking within they begin to find answers that may bother them about themselves. This is because most people believe that they have something horrible and negative within themselves. After all, there is a concept that is promoted that you are born with sin. So, a person starts out with a negative belief about self to begin with, a negative suggestion.
By the time a child is three years old, all the ‘suggestions’ are implanted into the subconscious where they become concepts that shape the child’s life. These concepts are consistently presented through attitude and are demonstrated by the parents.
Once an individual looks within and sees some of these concepts at work and how they have affected their life it is going to be painful, it is going to hurt. The person is going to ‘be troubled,’ and this is good, because after they have been ‘troubled’ they ‘will marvel.’ They will realize, “Hey, that concept is not true, I am not stupid or inadequate, I am not lazy, I am not sloppy, slothful, and I am not inconsiderate. How can I have believed that about myself for so long?”
The individual will marvel at the insights and understandings that they achieve through self-examination. They realize that those ideas and beliefs, those concepts that they lived by were implanted suggestions and that they are not true. Then once a person has marveled and they see it was all misconceptions, they will begin to gain control over the true self.
A person can create new results to old stimuli through controlling the patterns of behavior that seek to fulfill the subconscious expectations. Those new responses will begin to manifest outward and then the individual will truly “reign over the all.” The person will be able to control their life and their emotional energy as they are co-creating their personal reality.
As individual spirits, you are working with the Creator at this very moment creating the reality that you expect your lives to be. And that is based on your subconscious concepts and the current belief system that is generated by them. As you dissolve the defenses and cease to live by the concepts that are currently operating within your subconscious, because you understand that they are built on misconceptions, then you begin to incorporate the truth of who you are into your life and life changes to a more positive manifestation.

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