Self Knowledge #7

Use it or lose it

We assume by now that you are working on yourself and making progress. Remember, the key to progress is reading symbols because it is the way your mind is guiding you. Symbols are like road signs. They inform you of what to expect.

Your mind is being stimulated by the Spiritual Self. It is seeking to manifest in everything you do. However your ego, your Emotional Self will fight change tooth and nail. This is why it is so hard to change, but it can be done, incrementally.

Each movement forward builds personal power and quiet strength. This in turn fortifies your courage and confidence. As you continue on this path you will experience the Universal Teaching “use what you have and more will be given.” There is another part to that Teaching, as well. We all know it as an everyday saying. It is “use it or lose it.”

These two Teachings are derived from the story in the Bible of the ten talents of gold. You may want to read it. It can be found in Matthew 25:14-28.

The individuals who go through this process of self examination will have a different perspective and understanding on many different levels. For some, it will be a new and different path and a different response to stimuli because now that individual is drawing on the Universal Teachings. They are drawing on the Creator’s Laws and Principles of how life truly works.

In the Bible it says that you have dominion over everything. (Genesis 1:26) The problem is that people do not exercise that power, that gift. People fail to choose to develop it because they believe they do not have the power to do so.

Basically in this Teaching, #2 in the Thomas Gospel, Jesus is saying that if a person seeks within for the answers of why they do what they do, and learns the reasons why, then the person will come to points of clarity.

At first the person is going to go through emotional conflict within, and they are going to deal with it. After that the person will have the insights and understandings that will lead to control, and the person will marvel at the truth of it all, and reign over the all. This means that they are now in control of their emotional responses. Now they have the ability to have dominion over everything.

Aware people are going to co-create the reality that they truly desire. The one that will make them happy and not necessarily the one that is expected of them deep within their subconscious mind. They will cease the effort to satisfy everyone else’s expectations of them. There is a Teaching that talks about that. It was said by Lao Tzu over 2600 years ago, and it is still valid. “If you look to others for fulfillment, you will never be truly fulfilled.”

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