Self Knowledge #8

Everyday Patterns

The key to knowing Self is in understanding your subconscious concepts and the patterns of behavior they create to validate themselves. With that in mind, let us look at some common concepts that people are dealing with.

Success/failure: in this concept the person has all the abilities to be successful, yet time and time again, something will occur that has the person starting over, without ever achieving their goal or completion of the project.

The reasons for quitting, stopping, or just putting it on the back burner are many. For some, they will even create a situation where they are forced to resign, or they get fired. This actually satisfies the subconscious need to fail.

The reason for this is simple; if they succeed they will be barred from the doorway home. Their form of acceptance, and access to the doorway, is based on rejection. Failure, incompletion are both aspects of rejection. As long as these are part of their life, they are, in their minds, guaranteed a way “home.”

Another concept that people deal with is being a victim. In this scenario, everything eventually works against them. People, places, events and personal “misfortune” always seem to place them in the position of being a victim – being someone who is always taken advantage of.

Another concept that man has been promoting for the last five thousand years is: man is the dominant one. On one level, this concept was very true and essential. The males had to protect the females so the species could survive. That is our Mother Earth’s survival mechanism at work. Today that concept is archaic, even though in many circles it still permeates.

Imagine what could have happened if women were treated as equals from the beginning of civilized society. We believe the world would be a better and safer place. Men’s egos seem to have much to prove. This validates that doubt and fear are at work.

It appears, because of the nature of the men and how they have handled the world, women are more involved in politics today at high levels in many countries.

We are moving to a matriarchal society, slowly but surely. There is a saying: “the pendulum swings both ways.” When that transition is completed, God will be a woman, not a man. The reason we say this is based on an understanding presented by Aristotle when he said: ”Men create gods after their own image, not only with regard to their form but with regard to their mode of life.”

It must come to be that men and women see each other as equals. It is an essential aspect of achieving Christ level consciousness – Buddha level awareness.

Here is the Teaching on equality. It is #114 in the Thomas Gospel. Jesus said: “See, I shall lead her, so that I will make her male, that she too may become a living spirit, resembling you males. For every woman who makes herself male will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

For females this means expressing yourself. You have a mind. Use it to grow your awareness, your consciousness, your understandings of the “forces” that you are in conflict with, within and without.

From the Universal Teachings point of view, men and women are equal. Women are whole but not complete. Men are complete but not whole.

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