Expression 2  The 12 Spiritual Gifts

Expression 2 The 12 Spiritual Gifts

The other day, I mentioned that we would share the 12 spiritual gifts that are available to you, which can assist in your growth and development in both the physical/material realm and the spiritual realm. Here is the list of the 12 gifts:

Expression Faith Healing Honesty Imagination Knowledge Love Objectivity Perseverance Strength Understanding Will

Please note that these gifts are listed alphabetically. Often, we tend to overlook or take for granted the gifts we receive, not fully appreciating their significance. This can also apply to the spiritual gifts we possess.

It is important to recognize that within the deeper and higher utilization of these abilities lies true power. This power can be employed to shape your reality based on your understanding of each of these gifts.

In the upcoming series of posts, we will delve into each gift individually and explore how you can harness its potential for personal growth and development.

As a seeker of truth and a desire for deeper self-knowledge, the first step is to ask questions. The most profound question one can ask is "Why?" Why did I behave in that manner? Why did certain events occur in my life? Why did those events happen to them/ him/her? Why do I feel a particular way about...?

By contemplating these questions, you will begin to grasp the direction we are heading. Regarding expression, we invite you to reflect on your own expression. Some may say, "I express myself every day. I communicate with people. I am a salesperson." Others may identify as artists, musicians, writers, sculptors, carpenters, and so on. All of these are valid expressions.

However, if you delve deeper into your personal expression, you will discover its greater potential. Let's consider a salesperson as an example. A true salesperson understands that successful sales follow specific steps: introduction, presentation, highlighting features and benefits, and, most importantly, closing the sale.

In our subsequent post, we will delve further into these aspects, as every interaction with another person involves a form of "sale." You either "buy into them" or they "buy into you.”

In our next post, we will examine the sales transaction from the internal and spiritual perspective.

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