About the Center for Universal Teachings Applied

Welcome to the Center for Universal Teachings Applied (CUTA)! We are a non-denominational spiritual and health education center dedicated to providing a deeper understanding and practical application of the Universal Teachings in everyday life. Our mission is to help you achieve homeostasis, balance, and harmony within yourself, which will positively impact every aspect of your life. Whether through personal sessions or online resources, our highly focused information is designed to empower you and cultivate a sense of personal power and quiet strength.

The Universal Teachings we offer are based on the Immutable Laws of the Divine Source, often referred to as God. These teachings are universal in nature, transcending personal beliefs, practices, and philosophies. They have been imparted by great teachers throughout history, including Lao Tzu, Confucius, Buddha, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Jesus. Our goal is to support your journey toward becoming a more balanced and harmonious individual who can bring that balance and harmony into everything you are involved in.

At CUTA, you will learn invaluable insights into how the mind works and how it can utilize the Universal Teachings. We delve into the root causes of personal disharmonies and provide techniques to gain control over emotional responses that can either heal or hurt you and others. By identifying the concepts and patterns of behavior that govern your life, you can break free from detrimental patterns and embrace a new reality. We guarantee that incorporating the Universal Teachings into your daily life will diminish and sometimes completely eliminate the disharmony and dis-ease you currently experience.

Join us today and embark on a transformative journey toward peace, strength, personal power, and a higher level of consciousness. Through our offerings, including free books, relaxation disks, lecture workshops, podcasts, webinars, nutritional evaluations, healing groups, and training courses, you will acquire the essential information needed to understand the motivations, patterns of behavior, and cycles that shape your life. By knowing yourself deeply, you will unlock latent spiritual gifts for healing, balancing, and harmonizing yourself from the inside out. With greater self-acceptance and love, you can radiate unconditional love to others and create a more loving world.

Support us in our mission to eliminate hate and manifest love by becoming a part of our community. As a tax-deductible donation organization, we rely on individuals like you who share our belief in the power of Universal Teachings. Contact us at CUTA, located at P.O. Box 47142, San Antonio, TX 78265, and start your transformative journey today.