Expression 3 The Sales Presentation

Expression 3 The Sales Presentation

In our last posting we concluded with the “sales presentation” example. Now we examine it and its value to us individually.

Each of us possesses a form of expression that we employ to some degree. As our aim is to delve deep within ourselves in order to manifest the significant aspects of our lives, let's explore how expression can aid us in achieving those objectives.

Starting with the sales presentation, we will analyze it from a surface-level standpoint to its potential for profound impact.

The Introduction: When encountering someone for the first time, there can be an immediate feeling or vibe that determines whether the interaction will be positive or negative. In the case of a positive impression, it is advantageous to communicate in uplifting terms. However, if the initial impression is negative, it is essential to be sensitive and find a way to transform it into a positive interaction.

Presentation: The presentation phase involves introducing oneself, and expressing goals and intentions. Keep in mind, from a different point of view, you are the product that is being offered for “sale.” It is crucial to have a clear understanding of one's own objectives and intentions in relation to the person one is interacting with. Additionally, incorporating the will to manifest those intentions is important. Ideally, the intent is positive, and both parties derive benefits from the relationship.

Features and Benefits: During this phase, emphasis is placed on highlighting the features and benefits one brings to the relationship. Of course, this has to be done without boasting about one’s self. It is critical to comprehend the other person's needs and determine if one can meet them. In situations wherenegativity prevails, one should strive to identify features that can shift the perspective to a more hopeful one, along with corresponding benefits.

The Close: The closing phase is an exquisite moment where two individuals find harmony and embrace the opportunity to embark on a journey together. It is a time filled with contagious enthusiasm, where both parties revel in the boundless advantages that lie ahead. In the rare instances where negativity lingers, our mission becomes one of compassionately addressing and alleviating the burdens that weigh upon the other person's heart and mind. However, we must remain aware that certain souls may prove unreachable, entangled in the web of their deeply ingrained beliefs, fears, or biases.

We must cherish the realization that effective communication and genuine understanding thrive when we weave a tapestry of respect for the diverse threads that make us human. Each thread represents unique spiritual beliefs, radiant hues of race, and gender. Let us embrace these differences as opportunities to expand our own horizons, to learn and grow, and to build bridges of comprehension that withstand the test of time. May we always remember that these aspects of our existence are to be cherished, comprehended, and celebrated, never to be taken personally or used as weapons of division.

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