Expression   Knowing Self

Expression Knowing Self

Did you ever stop to consider the profound wisdom that has been passed down by enlightened masters throughout the ages? Their teachings, though expressed in various forms, all share a fundamental essence that transcends time and culture.

Lao Tzu, a sage from centuries ago, imparted these words: "Intelligence lies in understanding others, but true wisdom lies in knowing oneself. Strength is found in mastering others, yet true power is derived from mastering oneself."

The venerable Buddha, who graced this earth centuries before, offered his own insight: "The conquest of oneself surpasses a thousand victories. Neither angels nor demons, heaven nor hell can strip away the triumph over self."

In his own profound way, Plato, a philosopher of antiquity, proclaimed, "The noblest and most important victory is the conquest of oneself."

Aristotle, too, echoed this sentiment, recognizing the significance of overcoming one's own desires. He believed that those who conquer themselves are the epitome of bravery, as the toughest battle is the one waged within.

Jesus, in his unique and captivating manner, emphasized the significance of mastering one's inner self, declaring, "Look not outside for the kingdom of God, for it resides within you."

These enlightened beings beckon us to a deeper understanding, revealing that within each of us resides an immense power—a connection to the Divine Source, the Creator, the limitless wellspring of creativity and life.

In our forthcoming posts, we shall reveal the twelve spiritual gifts that reside within your being. Some of these gifts may already be familiar to you, although perhaps not fully realized or utilized.

The purpose of our journey together is to provide you with the knowledge and insight needed to nurture these extraordinary gifts. By doing so, you can surpass even your greatest accomplishments, playing a pivotal role in the advancement of humanity towards higher consciousness and expanded awareness—a profound comprehension of life and its true purpose.

Stay tuned, dear reader, for our next installment, where we shall embark on a detailed exploration of your twelve spiritual abilities, illuminating the path to your highest potential.

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