Healing 2 Hands On Approach

Healing 2 Hands On Approach

In our last chat, we talked about taking care of your of your body with a good diet, including supplements into your mix, and eating clean (organic) food and drinking water. We prefer distilled water because it is the cleanest source.These habits are important for any kind of healing. Exercising is also important.

As for other methods, there are also hands-on ways to help your body heal. One of them is called Reiki. It's a technique where a trained person uses their hands to guide healthy energy through your body. This can make you feel less stressed and help your body heal.

Other hands-on methods include massage, reflexology, laying on of hands (also known as psychic healing), and aura balancing. These are all ways to use touch or energy to help your body heal.

Acupuncture is another ancient healing practice from China. It involves putting thin needles into certain points on your body to help with healing. This too is akin to homeopathy. Increasing the flow of electricity, called “Qi” (pronounced chi) in Chinese terminology.

Massage is something we're all familiar with. Reflexology might be new to you. It's based on the idea that certain parts of your hands, ears, and feet are connected to different parts of your body. By putting pressure on these areas, you can send energy to those parts of your body and help them heal.

Just like with acupuncture and homeopathy, these therapies help send energy and unblock certain areas in your body to improve healing.

In our next episode, we'll talk about aura balancing and then move on to healing your mind and emotions.

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