Healing 3 Aura Balancing

Healing 3 Aura Balancing

In the last message, we talked about something called aura balancing. If you don't know what that means, it's a way of healing based on the idea that by balancing your aura, you can fix the problem you're facing.

But what exactly is an aura? The aura is an energetic reflection that surrounds a person, thing, or place. Everything has an aura. The aura energy extends, about an inch or so, surrounding whatever you are looking at. In our discourse we are talking about people.

I can tell you from my own experience that I've seen this aura many times. You can too. If you go outside and relax yourself and look at trees early in the morning, you might notice a faint light glow around them. The color of the glow is slightly different from the sky. It's best to do this before the sun comes up. I have also seen that faint glow around airplanes it the sky. Remember, everything is made up of atoms and they are energy particles. Therefore everything has an energetic aura.

The idea behind aura balancing is that by identifying any imbalances in your aura and fixing them, you can solve the problem you're facing. But it's important to know that true healing comes from within. “Balancing the aura” is a temporary fix. It cannot truly heal, or eliminate the root cause. Remember, the aura is a reflection of what state your mind is in. Your mind controls your body.

To achieve true healing, you need to take care of yourself in a few different ways. As we have discussed before, eating a healthy diet, taking the right supplements, and getting exercise are all important. Remember, the food you eat either builds you up or breaks you down. Your body will either grow stronger or becomes weaker. Making you susceptible to rapid aging and disease.

There are nine things that are important for good health. They are fats, carbs, proteins, air, light, water, vitamins, minerals, and attitude. Yes, having a positive attitude is part of being healthy too!

Another thing that plays a role in healing is faith, belief, and expectation. We'll talk more about how these things work to help you heal in the next message.

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