Healing 4

Healing 4

In our previous message, we mentioned that faith, belief, and expectation are important for healing the body. Let's break it down in simpler terms.

Imagine someone tells you about a doctor/naturopath who is really good at treating people with your condition. You trust what they say and decide to make an appointment with that person. This shows that you have faith in them because you believe they can help you.

When you go to see them, they talk to you about your condition and maybe run some tests. Afterward, they give you a prescription or recommendation. At this point, your belief comes into play. You trust that the prescription or recommendation will work and help you get better.

You then take the prescribed medication, whether it's a pill, herb, supplement, or something else. This is when your expectation kicks in. Your mind starts believing that this treatment will work and help you feel better. Our minds always try to fulfill our expectations, so having positive expectations is beneficial.

This is why our actions and behaviors lead to the results we expect, whether they are good or bad. The reason is that there is always an expectation at the end of every pattern of behavior. By meeting that expectation, we reinforce the idea that our beliefs and concepts are true and correct, even if they don't always benefit us.

The patterns of behavior we follow are created by our subconscious concepts, even if they are harmful to our well-being. These concepts are deeply rooted in our subconscious mind. That's why it's important to "look back to see ahead." It means we should examine our past patterns and behaviors to understand how they align with our concepts and fulfill our expectations.

In our next message, we will discuss healing methods for the mental and emotional aspects of ourselves.

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