Healing 5 The Mental and Emotional

Healing 5 The Mental and Emotional

In our last message, we talked about mental and emotional healing. Now, let's start discussing it further.

There are three ways that people can heal mentally and emotionally. The first way is through psychiatry. Psychiatry believes that the patients emotional struggles are caused by a chemical imbalance in their brain. Sometimes, this is true because our mind controls our brain.

When someone says or does something to us, our mind reacts and triggers a specific response. This response can be positive and healthy, or it can be harmful. It depends on the situation and what caused it. In a previous message, we mentioned that our mind looks back at past experiences to decide how to respond to current events.

Sometimes, the response can be extreme happiness or deep sadness. In psychiatry, these responses, which are not within the "normal" range, are seen as the result of a chemical imbalance. To treat this, medication is used to modify the response. However, there are challenges with using chemicals because they are foreign to our body and can be toxic. They may not completely fix the problem, but they can reduce the symptoms and make a person feel better temporarily. They can help someone respond in a more "normal" way to different situations.

Another way to heal mentally and emotionally is through psychology. In this case, you work with a psychologist who helps you understand what is happening in your mind and why you reacted the way you did. Like psychiatry, psychotherapy is also used in psychology, but without medications.

The third way is called introspection, which we will explain more in our next message.

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