Healing 6 Going Within

Healing 6 Going Within

The last post talked a little bit about psychiatry and psychology. Now we'll talk about a safer and a much less costly way to understand and control our emotions. At CUTA, we believe that gaining insights helps people understand things better. When we understand something, we can control it. And when we have control, we can become experts, masters.

Our mind is always working and following certain patterns. Each pattern of behavior has certain expectations. Fulfilling those expectations makes us believe in the ideas behind those concepts that created the pattern in the first place. These concepts, these ideas, values and standards, come from our family, culture, tradition, and how we were brought up.

Your mind controls your brain, like a computer. In the background, there are programs, similar to algorithms, with specific outcomes. Some of these outcomes are good, some are bad. Some that are bad can even be detrimental. How you react to situations depends on these pre-programmed outcomes and your usual way of responding to life.

Let's take an example. Imagine someone is told they have to give a presentation next week at school or work. If that person feels they aren't good enough, they don’t have the education, the authority, to give a speech or presentation, they might create a situation to avoid it. This could be getting sick with a cold, flu, or something else. They do this because they doubt their abilities. Their doubt and fear affect their thinking process and make them set up circumstances for getting sick.

Remember, we are co-creating our own reality. We use our mind's electromagnetic abilities to attract or repel things that can eitherhelp us grow or keep us stuck. In a changing world, staying still actually means going backward.

In the next message, we'll share methods and techniques to better understand and control our behavior patterns.

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