Healing 8 Gaining Control

Healing 8 Gaining Control

In this message, we will talk about how to gain control over your life.

The key to gaining control is being aware of what's happening around you. You should question why you see certain things, hear certain conversations, sounds, experience certain events, or feel certain emotions.

Everything that happens to you is a form of guidance, even accidents, illnesses, and difficult situations.

Here's how it works: Throughout the day, your mind sends you signs, I call them symbols, to show you where you are in a pattern. These signs/symbols are like the signs you see on the road, such as curves ahead, yield signs, and soft shoulders. They help you stay aware of what's happening.

If you ignore the signs your mind is giving you, your mind takes the guidance to the next level, which can lead to accidents. Accidents can range from simple things like cutting your finger while preparing food for cooking, breaking something, or being involved in a car accident.

Each of these events carries an important message. For example, if you cut your finger, it may mean there's an issue related to food or sustenance. Knowing the symbology of which finger was cut, provides a deeper awareness of what is going on.

Breaking something can indicate that you feel out of control and don't understand what's happening. It could also be a reflection of the pattern of Denial at work. And if you're in a car accident, it can reveal aspects of your life where you lack control or expression. Or, that an external force is working against you.

These events require your attention and offer opportunities for learning. By being aware and taking action, you can make lasting changes to negative patterns in your life.

However, it's challenging to maintain this awareness in today's world because we're easily distracted on many levels. These distractions are designed to prevent us from moving forward. But when we become truly aware of everything happening around us, it can lead to a revolution against the ideas and lifestyles that hold us back from personal growth and spiritual well-being.

In life, our goal is to create balance and harmony in everything we do. So, as you go through your day, keep this in mind. Here are some things to consider on a daily basis, or even in every moment: Pay attention to your emotions and how you react to different situations. Ask yourself why you responded in a certain way and what's happening internally.

Avoid people or situations that trigger negative responses or feelings. These can disrupt your harmony and the harmony of others.

Instead, program yourself to have a positive reaction to such people or situations. Remember that uncontrolled emotions are influenced by negative forces. When emotions get out of control, they can cause imbalances, conflicts, and chaos in your life.

In our next messages, we will talk about the importance of the gift of honesty.

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