Imagination 2 The Power to Heal

Imagination 2 The Power to Heal

In this episode we will use imagination for internal healing. Healing itself has many applications. Considering the fact that you are 4 distinct personalities, each with its own concepts and patterns of behavior.

Imagination allows you to harness the power of the mind in new ways that can be used to harmonize each aspect of self with the whole.

One very powerful technique is visualization. This tool can be used for many different purposes.

Visualization is very easy to use. Here’s how. Get your self into a relaxed state and see what you want to occur. Do this every single day as many times as you can. What you are doing is directing the electromagnetic properties of your mind/brain to draw to you what you want to have, do, accomplish. You are creating an expectation. Remember, your mind seeks to fulfill all of your expectations. Especially the subconscious concepts and their respective patterns of behavior. Unfortunately.

You can use the power of your imagination to promote healing within your body. Imagine your mind as the control center of a biological computer. By programming your thoughts and expectations, you can influence the outcomes you desire.

For instance, if you have clogged arteries, making dietary adjustments and taking specific supplements to clean the arteries, can assist in dissolving the cholesterol.

Now, through visualization, imagine in your mind’s eye, the inner workings of your arteries and witness the gradual disappearance of cholesterol buildup. Envision the opening of your arteries

widening until the cholesterol completely vanishes. It's important to remember that this healing process takes time. Anything truly valuable in life requires patience and dedication.

Therefore, when you decide to utilize imagination as a healing tool, invest the time needed for deep relaxation. During this state of tranquility, imagine the targeted area returning to its natural and healthy state. Program your mind with affirmations such as "I am healing, my [specific body part] is returning to its natural state."

In our next session, we will delve into the realm of knowledge.

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