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Becoming The New You. The You You Want To Be

Becoming The New You. The You You Want To Be

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This book is all about methods and techniques for improving your life on all levels in every aspect. Guaranteed. The book will cover how the human mind works. How your mind draws on concepts, maintained in the subconscious mind, to determine how to act, and react, in every situation. The subconscious concepts are the foundation of who you think you should be.

Additionally, the concepts create particular patterns of behavior, of which there are over 30, to validate the concept as true, even when it works against you. These behavioral patterns that enforce\validate those beliefs will also be examined. Methods and techniques to gain control over negative behavioral patterns will also be presented. With the material presented, and the understanding and applications, there will be growth and improvement in your spiritual, emotional, physical/material, and social/intellectual Self.

The ultimate goal of this work is to assist you in becoming the person you want to be. Enjoying peace, balance, harmony and excellent health on all levels.

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