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The Emotional Causes of Diseases

The Emotional Causes of Diseases

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This book provides the reader, whether they are a professional in the healing arts, or a student, client, who wants to learn about health, or bring themselves back to physical and emotional balance and harmony. In each condition the medical understanding, in lay terms, provides insights to the condition. Additionally, nutritional guidance is provided based on the tenets of naturopathic medicine. The book then delves into the root cause, the emotional cause, which is a conflict between the Spiritual Self directives, and the Ego directives. Those directives are based on the teachings of man. An example of man-made concepts, and their directives is the "men are the dominant power; Men are the providers; Women are less than men." This is certainly seen in some cultures.

Another aspect of the book explains how the mind works. How concepts of how a person is to be/act in all situations is accepted in the subconscious mind as truth, and why. It explains how those concepts form patters of behavior, designed to validate the concept as true, even when it is detrimental to the person. It also explains why and how those patterns can lead a person to creating an accident, symptom, condition or disease. These are all forms of guidance to help the person understand where they are in a particular pattern so as to be able to stop it from repeating. History, like patterns of behavior flow in cycles, including personal history, which is why it repeats, especially when the root cause is not understood.

Since the mind controls the body, that emotional conflict manifests within, as well as without, the body. As an example of the 'without', accidents are shown to be a form of guidance, just as every symptom, condition and disease. The guidance to be found in each situation, condition or disease, is examined from the perspective that it/they are a reflection of thought energy at work. Once that is understood, then the individual knows where to look to understand the root cause of their condition. Also seen is the particular pattern of behavior created by that concept and the expectation associated with it. The goal of every pattern is to validate the concept as being true. Every pattern has an expectation that is the end goal thus achieving the validation.

In the section dealing with diseases, every condition or disease, is explained showing the emotional causes, the symbolic, or emotional association of the body parts affected, and what that communicates to the person. The nutrients to address the condition are explained from their individual emotional energetic perspective.

Now the person has insights as to why they are dealing with what they have and how to treat it, through proper nutrition. They also understand the root cause which places them in a better position to be free of the conditioning the concept that created it.

Insights gained will lead to understandings, when pursued. Understanding leads to control. Control leads to mastery over the condition, and eventually the Self.

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